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Aerospace suspension

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Aerospace suspensions

If you are looking for a specific suspension system or a custom made landing gear, then Soben has the solution for you.


Soben has high expertise in aerospace suspensions.

Soben can fill your needs for:



Do you face unsolvable suspension issues?

Soben has a number of hydraulic innovative technologies (5 patents).

Our R&D center research an appropriate technology for you.

Our advantages

Soben will actively support you throughout the development of the shock and in compliance with aviation standards.

Offer description of Soben for Aeronautics

Soben intervenes in the phase of the studies, the manufacturing of prototypes (including flying prototypes) and on the suspensions development. We work with our partners on the aerospace series production and intervene at the end of the manufacturing for the suspension recipe.

Anti vibratory dampers: for displacements higher than 0.5mm, Soben has developed suspensions with numerous hydraulic functions that can absorb vibrations of a very similar frequencies while leaving the system free beyond and between these frequencies. These dampers can be either merely passive or semi active.

Landing gear suspensions: Soben has developed suspensions for all sizes of landing gears with wheels or skis. Our suspensions benefit from the hydraulic stopper technology that greatly improves energy dissipation.

Soben possesses substantial means of testing:

            - 4 m/s, 220 mm de course, 30 Hz (0.2 mm mini)

            - 2 mm/min, 300 mm de course

            - 10 tons, 6 m/s

For further information on our testing equipment please visit our page of Testing equipment.

Shock absorber

Semi active damper

Soben Technologies

Soben has developed and patented numerous innovative technologies that improve the performance of the suspension system and the landing gears.

Hydraulic bump stopper with compression at 100% of the suspension’s stroke: Soben has developed a hydraulic bump stop at 100% of the suspension’s stroke (patent of Soben) allowing the dissipation of a tremendous amount of energy. This system makes the peak stress impact to disappear and smoothes the level of effort during landing, achieving a reduction on the necessary course to absorb a shock. Additionally reduces the impact energy that is transmitted to the structure. The weight gain on the structure of the device is significant.

Hydraulic bumper stoppers adjustable by mapping: Soben has developed an adjustable hydraulic stop. This system is not a stopper variable drain bottom but a complete adjustable stopper (patent by Soben). Thus, the stopper can be perfectly adapted to any conditions of landing and this can be done manually or automatically by a mechatronic system.

Multi level high restrictions: Soben has developed suspensions equipped with multiple hydraulic features which allow us to obtain entirely original damping laws. Thanks to the use of peak limiters, flow limiters, managing leaks, valves against flux and valves sensitive to stress frequency (patent of Soben) we realize any damping law type.

Europe and the Occitania region finance our development:

Drag damper

Landing gear


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